New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair

Late-night rendezvous started before Wade’s appointment

The lawyers for President Trump have Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone records. And it’s bad for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

The official story from the Fulton County DA and her former lover Nathan Wade, made through sworn filings and sworn testimony, was that their “personal relationship” started in 2022.

In a February 2, 2022 filing, DA Willis submitted Wade’s affidavit to the Court which stated: “In 2022, District Attorney Willis and I developed a personal relationship.” DA Willis and Wade both testified that the relationship started sometime in early 2022.

But Wade’s cell phone records disprove their official story – and prove that Willis and Wade lied under oath before the Court. In a filing today from President Trump’s attorneys, records indicate that the “relationship” between DA Willis and Wade was romantic well-before Wade’s November 1, 2021 appointment by Willis as Special Prosecutor.

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Trump’s attorneys were able to obtain, by subpoena to AT&T, Wade’s cell phone records from 1/1/2021 through 11/30/2021. Wade’s location data was analyzed by an investigator hired by the attorneys – an analytical tool which generated geolocation data that pinpointed Wade’s presence at DA Willis’s South Fulton Condo during that time period.

Here are the highlights:

  • Wade and Willis had “over 2000 voice calls and just under 12,000 interactions exchanged” from January 1, 2021 through November 30, 2021.

  • Geolocation data indicates Wade was at DA Willis’s condo “at least 35 occasions”. The data revealed he was “stationary” at the condo “and not in transit.”

  • Wade’s visits to DA Willis’s condo were corroborated by texts and phone calls. According to the report: On November 29, 2021, “following a call from Ms. Willis at 11:32 PM, while the call continued, [Wade’s] phone left the East Cobb area just after midnight and arrived within the geofence located on the Dogwood address [the condo] at 12:43 AM on November 30, 2021. The phone remained there until 4:55 AM.”

  • On September 11, 2021, Wade arrived at the condo address at approximately 10:45 PM. He left the address at 3:28 AM and arrived at his Marietta residence at 4:05 AM. He then texted DA Willis at 4:20 AM.

It’s important to note that Trump’s investigator is under a serious time constraint, due to the nature of the proceedings before Judge Scott McAfee, and wasn’t able to analyze all of the Wade/Willis data, which he described as voluminous. The two visits listed above – those are just a small fraction of the 35+ trips that Wade made to DA Willis’s condo. If his review continues, then more revelations will follow.

The extensive communications between DA Willis and Wade – the thousands of calls and nearly ten thousand texts – indicate something more than what they described as a friendship. And combined with the late-night visits, with Wade appearing at her apartment for a few hours before heading home, this is definitive proof that their romantic relationship started long before what they told the Judge.

We don’t like to go out on a limb – but these records are a game changer. Previously, we discussed whether Judge McAfee would determine whether there was an appearance of impropriety, given the conflicting testimony from witnesses about the romantic relationship.


These records are sufficient to erase any doubt in Judge McAfee’s mind, notwithstanding any attempt by Fulton County to explain the texts and location data. (Expect Fulton County to allege these were “work meetings” or to dispute that the records prove where Wade was those nights.) These records support the testimony of Robin Yeartie, DA Willis’s former friend who testified that there was “no doubt” the relationship started before Wade became Special Prosecutor. And they destroy the testimony from, and credibility of, DA Willis and Wade. Perjury before the Court, by itself, would be sufficient for disqualification. In other words, these records – which will likely be more thoroughly analyzed to show more damning late-night visits – make disqualification a likelihood, not just a possibility. (Although a likelihood still is not guaranteed.)

But disqualification would just be the start.

Wade’s cell phone records also increase the exposure of DA Willis and Nathan Wade for criminal charges charges – including perjury/false statements, depending on the prosecutor. (Easy to imagine that a Democrat prosecutor wouldn’t take the case…) At a minimum, DA Willis and Wade face an increased potential for severe punishment from the Georgia Bar, whether suspension of their law licenses, disbarment, or other sanctions.

Like we said, a game changer.

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