New Deals At The Gateway Pundit Discounts Page At MyPillow – Up to 71% Off With Promo Code TGP

Mike Lindell’s MyPillow has been targeted by the totalitarian left, the tech giants, and the fake news media.

All because Mike and the patriots at MyPillow supported President Trump.

But Mike didn’t cave in.

Instead, he partnered with us to offer what people need for a great night’s sleep — without a middle man.

Now, Gateway Pundit’s discount page at has been updated with new deals!

When you go there and put “TGP” in the promo code box, you’ll get lots of discounts plus, Gateway Pundit will benefit.

Here are some of the latest deals at (click on the image to see them all):

Plus, the Complete Mattress Sleep System:

If a bedroom in your house needs an update, the complete mattress sleep system is for you!

The Complete Mattress Sleep System comes with a mattress plus: 

— 2 Premium MyPillows

— A set of Giza Dream Sheets

— Free shipping to the lower 48

— A 10-year warranty and 6-month money back guarantee

Here’s what customers say:

“Just like the pillows, we never really expected the mattress to be so miraculously amazing. We’ve been using Simmons for years because we love firm mattresses. Turned out Mike’s mattresses are even better! It provides perfect support without being too hard on your back.”

“Buying a mattress online, honestly, isn’t my type of shopping. But, after thoroughly looking at this coil mattress and the deal offered by MyPillow, I decided to jump in and buy it. I took advantage of the discount code and was super pleased with the price…Unwrapped the many layers of thick plastic, let it sit for 3 days, and voila — PERFECT! …You simply cannot go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommend buying this mattress. What a deal!!” 

Click here to get the Complete Mattress Sleep System discounted with promo code TGP!

Plus, the MyTowels 6-piece sets are now as low as $49.98 with the TGP promo code.

As Mike says, these are “towels that actually work!”

People love Mike’s towels: 

These towels are the best I’ve bought. And I’ve bought the best. Very soft & absorbent I like them so much that I bought an additional set for my niece’s wedding gift. Love Love Love them. LUXURIOUS.”

I was expecting the towels to be good, but I never dreamed they would be that good! They truly are absorbent and they do stay soft wash after wash. I am so addicted I do laundry when they are all dirty, rather than use my old towels.

These towels are literally the best absorbent, soft, fluffy, and nicely sized towels i have ever had. I want nothing but MyPillow towels in my home.”

Click here to get Mike’s MyTowels – use promo code TGP to your discount!

And don’t forget: the special discounts page for Gateway Pundit readers has even more deals!

Click here to see more deals!

Look for this box at checkout:

Put TGP in that box and hit “APPLY” to get huge discounts and help support Gateway Pundit.

To see all the discounts in one place, click here.

Thank you!

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