New DNC Pipe-Bomb Video Can “Utterly Demolish The Jan6 Narrative”: Darren Beattie

“If the Republicans step up, if the speaker steps up, if the relevant congressional figures step up, this is the chance to utterly demolish the January 6th narrative that the regime is using to weaponize the national security state against the American people, and to take Trump off the ballot.”

Having acquitted himself extremely well (and calmly) during the ZeroHedge Debate on January 6th, Darren Beattie brandished his considerable tome of facts to discuss with Tucker Carlson the impact of newly-released footage surrounding the pipe-bomb incidents of January 6th (well 5th).

Carlson begins by quite appropriately pointing out the fact that the FBI’s ongoing efforts to apprehend those involved (or not) in the Capitol riot contrasts greatly with their apparent inability to identify the person responsible for the pipe bombs:

“The FBI wants you to know that if you were there, you can’t hide,” highlighting the extensive use of surveillance technology in these efforts.

Except if you hide in plain sight…

Beattie’s analysis of the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb, published on Jan. 18 by raises questions about the authorities’ response to the bomb at the DNC.

The video shows a man (circled in red in the photo below) – now identified by congressional investigators as an undercover US Capitol Police officer – approached an SUV owned by the Metropolitan Police Department just after 1:05 p.m. on Jan. 6.

Then he walked to an adjacent dark SUV belonging to the Secret Service and spoke to someone in the driver’s seat, Revolver reported.

The vehicle was parked in a driveway of the DNC building at the intersection of Canal Street Southeast and South Capitol Street Southeast in Washington D.C.

But, as Beattie points out, their response is described as “utterly unconcerned.”

“What the individual in the backpack is doing is alerting the Metro PD and the Secret Service of the fact that there is a pipe bomb just feet away,” underlining the lack of urgency in their actions.

As Joseph Hanneman details, the undercover officer walked off camera back toward the park bench and the bomb at 1:06:34 p.m., the video shows.

Two occupants of the MPD vehicle exited the SUV at 1:07:25, and a third emerged 35 seconds later.

The driver went back into the vehicle to retrieve a COVID mask.

The first indication on Capitol Police radio dispatch that the DNC bomb had been discovered came at 1:07 p.m., according to audio files obtained by The Epoch Times.

“987-Adam, I’m going to declare a 10-100 at the DNC as well,” an officer broadcast on the OPS2 radio channel. “Similar device as was found at the RNC as well. Advising the units on scene what’s going on.”

At 1:09 p.m., the security camera pivoted and zoomed in on the bench, indicating that the U.S. Capitol Police Command Center was aware of the bomb.

In fact, it took more than two minutes for the Secret Service detail protecting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to visibly react to the presence of the bomb.

Ms. Harris was inside the DNC building at the time the bomb was discovered.

A group of children were allowed to walk near the bench where the bomb sat after the undercover officer discovered the device, Revolver reported.

Children walk past the Democratic National Committee and a pipe bomb (location marked with a circle) found minutes earlier by a Capitol Police undercover officer. (U.S. Capitol Police/Graphic by The Epoch Times)

In the nearly seven minutes after the undercover officer approached the Secret Service detail, the streets were not closed, the sidewalks were not cordoned off, and pedestrians were allowed to walk right past the bomb location, security video shows.

Agents walked back and forth on the driveway and sidewalk near the bomb, and one officer walked close enough to snap a photo of the device before waving at the other officers.

The FBI later determined the bomb was planted the night of Jan. 5, along with a similar device left in an alley near the Republican National Committee, which is where the conversation between Carlson and Beattie goes next.

Beattie mentions that the bomb was found by a pedestrian, Karlyn Younger, in a back alley with a timer set to go off at 1 p.m., coinciding with the certification of the electoral vote, raising questions about the intent and timing of the bomb placements:

“We’re told that the RNC bomb was sitting behind a trash can in a back alley, undiscovered for over 16 hours, and yet was randomly stumbled on.”

Beattie then discusses the characteristics of the bombs, noting that they were not designed for remote detonation, suggesting they were not intended to explode but rather serve as a diversion.

He also questions how the discoverers of the bombs could be so accurately timed, noting:

“The person who planted the bombs presumably would have had to count or just simply be the luckiest person alive.”

In conclusion, Beattie and Carlson discuss the political implications of the January 6th narrative and the lack of thorough investigation into the pipe bombs.

As we started with at the top of this note, Beattie emphasizes the importance of challenging the official narrative, particularly in the context of the upcoming 2024 election.

Watch the abridged discussion below:

Watch the full interview here at TCN…


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