NEW Federal Punch 30 Super Carry Ammunition

Federal Ammunition introduced the 30 Super Carry cartridge a year ago, at SHOT Show 2022 and 100-grain loads have been available in the their HST and American Eagle ammunition lines. The company has now announced a new .30 Super Carry load added to their Punch line of defensive ammunition. The new Federal Punch 30 Super Carry offering is loaded with a 103-grain jacketed hollow point bullet. The MSRP is $26.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

30 Super Carry @ TFB:

Punch 30 Super Carry

Some matches are meant to be. Federal® engineers designed both Punch™ ammunition and the new 30 Super Carry cartridge from the ground up for self-defense, and the two have come together in a load that’s far easier to shoot effectively. Punch was specifically engineered to provide balanced terminal performance across different platforms and through the most common barriers. Similarly, we created the 30 Super Carry cartridge around the unique needs of self-defenders who carry concealed, delivering the power of 9mm Luger, with more magazine capacity and dramatically less recoil. The blending of the two technologies gives shooters an extremely easy-to-shoot and effective option for real-world defense.

NEW Federal Punch 30 Super Carry Ammunition

The expanded bullet of Federal Punch 30 Super Carry ammunition

The 30 Super Carry is a 30-caliber handgun cartridge that has an overall length identical to the 9x19mm Luger (1.169″) but is .05″ thinner than the 9mm (.344″ vs .394″ head diameter) which allows having a higher magazine capacity at given magazine dimensions. The muzzle energy of 30 Super Carry is comparable to certain 9mm Luger loads because of the higher pressure it operates at. The SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure (MAP) of the 30 Super Carry cartridge is 52,000 psi, which is way more than the 35,000 psi MAP of 9mm Luger and even the 38,500 psi MAP of 9mm Luger +P.

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