New York City Residents Display Sign Over Freeway: CLOSE THE F***ING BORDER!

Last week, ten residents of Staten Island, NY were arrested during a skirmish with police while they were protesting the bussing in of illegal immigrants.  Residents attempted to block the entrance for buses carrying the illegals into the Midland Beach assisted-living facility.  This facility in Midland Beach is believed to be the same facility that evicted a 95-year-old Korean War veteran to make way for the illegal border crossers.

Protesters arrested by NYPD for blocking a bus carrying illegal migrants into Staten Island (source: The Western Journal)

According to CBS, the Island Shores facility was put up for sale in 2022, and residents were told to move out.  However, the CBS article claims that local officials believed the 288-bed facility was going to be turned into an asylum shelter instead.

On September 28th, Scott LoBaido, a “Patriot-Artist-Activist”, unfurled a 30-foot banner reading “CLOSE THE F***ING BORDER” over the Staten Island Freeway.  A video posted by LoBaido says, “My latest masterpiece in Staten Island NY.  Sometimes a picture is worth 4 words.”

Johnny Tabacco also posted a video of the display sprawled across the bridge just before the Richmond Road exit.  A succeeding post claims the banner was removed shortly after its display by NYPD.

The people of Staten Island lean conservative.  Despite being a borough of New York City at the very southern tip, Staten Island leans conservative and has a Republican representative representing New York’s 11th District, Congresswomen Nicole Malliotakis.  The district swung for President Trump in the 2020 election.

Earlier in September, fans at a Yankees’ home game displayed a massive sign during the “7th-inning stretch” that read “TRUMP OR DEATH – 1776 – 2024”, an apparent throw-back to Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or give me Death” speech on March 23, 1775.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been under tremendous scrutiny and has cast some shade on the situation himself after telling an audience that this crisis will destroy New York City.

Adams claims the influx will cost the city $12 billion over the next three years.  Remind me: how much was the Border Wall that Speaker Paul Ryan thwarted supposed to cost?  President Trump blamed then-Speaker Paul Ryan correctly stating that this would lead to a “humanitarian crisis”:

“Paul told me in the strongest of terms that, ‘Please sign this and if you sign this we will get you that wall.’ Which is desperately needed by our country. Humanitarian crisis, trafficking, drugs, you know, everything – people, criminals, gangs, so, you know, we need the wall.

But Trump said, “And then he went lame duck,” referring to Ryan’s decision to retire instead of running for re-election in 2018.

Paul Ryan is now a member of the Fox Corporation Board of Directors.

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