Nigel Farage Reportedly to Seek Millions in Legal Action Over ‘Debanking’

The Gateway Pundit reported that British BREXIT leader Nigel Farage announced that UK banks shut down his accounts without explanation.

Now, Farage is reportedly preparing to take legal action against British Bank NatWest and the bank’s former chief executive, Dame Alison Rose.

NatWest was forced to apologize to Farage after a bank report was released that found he was not “inclusive enough” and was holding “Thatcherite beliefs” and his political positions were the reason he had his accounts closed.

The Daily Mail reported that NatWest was worried after the UK Treasury got involved and spoke out about unfair banking practices based on one’s political beliefs. Treasury announced that UK banks will be subject to “stricter rules” over closing customers’ accounts, in an effort to protect freedom of speech in the country.

Now, Farage is set to seek millions in damages from NatWest, according to GB News.

The GB News presenter has been tipped to begin a formal legal fight with NatWest from as early as next week.

London-based Grosvenor Law is reported to be acting on Farage’s behalf with legal letters expected to be issued by the People’s Channel presenter within days.

Sky News reports that Farage, “Has instructed London-based Grosvenor Law to act for him in a claim against both NatWest and Dame Alison Rose, who stepped down as its chief executive in July after admitting having discussed his personal banking arrangements with a BBC journalist.”

Farage told Sky News, “For all their lies and deceptions towards me, and their illegitimate de-banking of tens of thousands of innocent people, NatWest and its former CEO, Dame Alison Rose, need to be held to account.”

After news of the impending litigation was shared, Farage wrote on social media, “NatWest must be held to account.”

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