Nikki Haley’s PAC Is Using Money from Epstein Buddy Reid Hoffman to Target MSBNC and CNN Democrat Voters for New Hampshire Primary

A pro-Nikki Haley PAC is using money they got from Jeffrey Epstein pal Reid Hoffman to target Democrat voters in New Hampshire, encouraging them to go out and vote for her. This is despite the fact that the deadline for legal registration expired on October 6th.

SFA Fund Inc. is a Republican pro-Nikki Haley PAC. According to the lead strategist for the SFA Fund is Mark Harris, a Republican political consultant… SFA Fund had paid more than $23 million to run TV and digital ads, according to data from AdImpact, a service that tracks political advertising and spending.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and an acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein, donated to the SFA PAC supporting Nikki Haley. Hoffman donated $250,000 to the pro-Haley SFA PAC in December.

SFA Fund is spending tens of thousands to help Haley in the New Hampshire primary.

The ads will run on CNN and MSNBC.

It looks like Nikki is trying to capture the Democrat vote in the state – like she did in Iowa earlier this week

Independents and Democrats make up half of Nikki Haley’s support base.

Haley was able to win one of the 99 Iowa counties by capturing Democrat voters in the Iowa City area!

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