“No I Didn’t Fly Private” – John Kerry Claims He Didn’t Fly on Private Jet and Backs Those Who Did Because “They’re Working Harder Than Most People”

John Kerry just shared with the entire world his elite status and his disdain for those who don’t have it.  

John Kerry is looking old but his lies are much the same.  Kerry used his time in the military to bash his brothers in Vietnam and then support his climb in politics.

Kerry should have been thrown in prison or worse for his admitted war crimes in Vietnam.

Kerry used his time in the military to help his climb in politics to eventually be nominated as the Democrat Presidential candidate in a losing effort in 2004.

Kerry’s recent activities have been to push the totally bogus global warming religion.  Like in the past, Kerry pushes this garbage for his own agenda.

When asked whether he has been flying on private jets while pushing global warming, Kerry denied it.  This came as a shock to most because reporting claimed that Kerry’s family jet emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since Biden took office.

Kerry then claimed that it’s fine for global elites to fly private jets because “they’re working harder than most”.

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