‘No One is Disputing the Fact the Bidens were Influence Peddling Now’

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House investigator outlines status of evidence against president, family

When Republicans took over the majority in the U.S. House earlier this year, there were hints of problems for Joe Biden and his family.

There was Hunter Biden’s stunning million-dollar-a-year payments from Burisma, in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s boast about, as vice president, having gotten an investigator looking into Burisma corruption fired by threatening to withhold aid paid for by American taxpayers.

There were those surprising payments, in the millions of dollars, to various Biden family members. Sometimes those payments came from people and groups in China and Russia, obviously not friends of the U.S.

So lawmakers started investigating.

And now there’s more evidence, a lot more.

U.S. Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., who’s been working on those reviews, has explained in an interview just how much is there.

The next steps, he confirmed, will be to summon Biden family members to testify under oath.

It is on a Rumble video that Comer delivers the details:

“I could have issued a subpoena weeks ago but we didn’t have the bank records. Now we have the bank records,” he said. “Now you want to bring ’em in. I think what the Biden legal team strategy was … they watch conservative media, they’re like ‘We need to subpoena Hunter Biden on day one…’”

Comer explained, “No one knew when we started this investigation there were 20 shell companies. No one knew that now 10 Bidens have received money from the influence peddling scheme. No one knew that these shell companies had dozens and dozens of bank accounts in each shell company. No one knew about that $200,000 wire from the health care company to Jim Biden that went to Joe Biden.

“We now know that Joe Biden benefited. And that’s because we continue to receive bank documents we have subpoenaed. I think we’ve issued 10 subpoenas pertaining to bank documents and pertaining to the Biden investigation.”

He expressed wonder at the “dozens and dozens” of bank accounts held by the Bidens relating to some 20 “shell companies.”

“It’s taken a long time to get this information in. But we have it in. We’re able to trace the money now. We can bring the Bidens in and ask ’em specific questions.”

The case, including for the possible impeachment of Joe Biden, is being made, he said.

“No one is disputing the fact the Bidens were influence peddling now,” he said.

He said now Democrats are saying, “Well they were influence peddling but Joe didn’t know anything about it, and Joe didn’t benefit from it.”

He said the evidence shows otherwise.

“We know that Joe met every one of these people, including the health care deal in Florida that they swindled out of $600,000. … And we can trace the money.”

Further, the investigation is spreading into branches of Deep State in Washington, he said, since the FBI, DOJ, and IRS “all knew this was going on.”

He said the evidence not only confirms crimes now, but also “cover-ups.”

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