“NO REFUGEES in Jordan, NO REFUGEES in Egypt!” – King Abdullah Pushes Back on Jordan Taking Palestinian Refugees – Not a Chance! (VIDEO)

Jordanian leader King Abdullah spoke to reporters on Tuesday about the Palestinian war on Israel. King Abdullah made it clear that NO Palestinian refugees will be accepted into Jordan OR Egypt.

They don’t want them.

Only the Squad members in the US and Nikki Haley want them.

Nikki Haley Argues to Bring One Million Hamas Supporting Palestinians to the US from Gaza – Where Over 68% of Population Supports Terror Strikes on Israel

Think of that for a second.

King Abdullah: “I can quite strongly speak on behalf of not only Jordan as a nation but our friends in Egypt — That is a red line. I think that is the plan by certain usual suspects… [There will be] NO REFUGEES in Jordan and NO REFUGEES in Egypt.”

Via Robby Starbuck.

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