Non-English Speaking Military-Aged Venezuelan Male Attempts To Rob Bank In Ohio Using Translator App

President Biden’s disastrous open southern border policies have sparked a migrant crime wave. This comes amid the ten million plus illegal aliens that have invaded the nation through the collapsed southern border, alongside recent calls from radical progressive lawmakers across crime-ridden metro areas to defund the police and limit criminal prosecution. All of this is a perfect storm of crime and chaos heading into the summer months. 

According to Bloomberg data, the story count featuring “migrant crime” has surged from only a handful of headlines to hundreds in the last 3.5 months. 

Some of these headlines include Chilean crime gangs roaming the nation on a burglary spree, targeting wealthy neighborhoods from coast to coast. Some migrants have even taken to social media to inform others about seizing homes from Americans under progressive squatting laws. Others run amuck in progressive metro areas where Soros-backed district attorneys fail to prosecute some criminals. 

The latest instance of the migrant invasion and escalating crime wave was a 20-year-old illegal alien from Venezuela who attempted to rob a bank in Sandusky, Ohio. 

On April 4, Sandusky Police were called to the West Perkins Avenue bank for a ‘suspicious man loitering’, according to local media outlet Sandusky Register

“While en route to the bank, officers received additional information that Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez, who only spoke Spanish, was asking tellers to put money in a white trash bag,” the paper said. 

Video released of the attempted robbery shows the illegal alien using a translator app on a smartphone to instruct the teller to load a trash bag full of cash. 

Here’s more from the Sandusky Register: 

In speaking with bank personnel, officers learned that Brito-Gonzalez had attempted to get behind the bank counter and then sat in a chair.

He purportedly showed a teller his phone several times with messages translated into English from Spanish. The messages directed the teller to get money and place it in a white trash bag Briton-Gonzalez had with him.

Officers later located Brito-Gonzalez in the 1300 block of E. Parish St. They learned he only spoke Spanish so they called in an officer who is fluent in that language, the report states.

It was discovered that he had a white trash bag in his possession. He also voluntarily showed officers his phone, and they found a translation application on it, according to Sandusky police Chief Jared Oliver.

Brito-Gonzalez was arrested based upon statements he made as well as witness statements, however officers were unable to positively identify him at the time due to his not having any identification documents.

He was ordered held at Erie County Jail under a no-bond order. Officers were later able to identify him through the use of an FBI fingerprint database, Oliver said.

As of late Friday, Brito-Gonzalez is still incarcerated in Erie County Jail under a no-bond order. In addition to his charges from the attempted robbery, US Border Patrol is actively involved in this case as well.

This incident serves as a reminder for every law-abiding American that some military-aged migrants who were unvetted and flooded this nation are escalating their rampage across the country.

Let’s not forget.

And Biden’s migrant invasion continues to spiral out of control. 

The migrant crisis the White House helped create is a public safety risk – already killing Americans. Yet, the White House ignores. 


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