NOT MAKING HEADLINES – The Life-Threatening Attacks on Germany’s AfD Party Members – MP Petr Bystron Describes the Poisoning, Beatings and the SHOCKING STORY OF HIS OWN SITUATION as AfD Populist Party Members are Targeted and Hunted by the German Left (VIDEO)

AfD leader Tino Chrupalla was admitted to the hospital after a poisoning. Second-in-charge Alice Weidel is in hiding, Augsburg candidate Andreas Jurca was brutally attacked in August

AfD Co-Chair Tino Chrupalla was in intensive care after an attack on him with a syringe in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt, as Gateway Pundit reported. While the leftist German media and leftist international media attempted to ignore the attack, Elon Musk chimed in and was seen by 485,000 users.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) party chair Tino Chrupalla was attacked with an unidentified object before a rally in Ingolstadt while taking selfies with two young men he later pointed out to police as the culprits, who were photographed grinning as they were detained by police. Antifa terrorists are rarely or never arrested or tried in Germany, since they are protected by the leftist-socialist government.

Chrupalla, an East German blue-collar master painter and business owner from Weisswasser, Saxony, suffered faintness and dizziness and was taken to the hospital under police escort, where he was taken to the intensive care unit over night. The police are now investigating for suspected assault.

While the left-wing media tried to ignore the attack by their Antifa allies, Twitter/X owner Elon Musk amplified a post by Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek:

Elon Musk is obviously not afraid to speak up for the basic human rights of “right-wing” politicians.  Because of this the Greens in Germany demanded Twitter-X be censored and silenced.  How dare Elon Musk mention a poisoning attack against a populist AfD member!

On Thursday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with German MP Petr Bystron who is a leading member of the AfD Party in Germany.

Petr described the growing threats against AfD members by the violent left in Germany. Petr had his home attacked by Antifa back in 2021.

Petr spoke with The Gateway Pundit in 2019 when Antifa attempted to kill AfD member Frank Magnitz in Germany. They knocked out Magnitz and kicked him in the head.

AfD Politician Petr Bystron Speaks Out on Attempted Assassination of Frank Magnitz: “Leftist Parties Actively Encourage Extremist Violence”

This was also ignored by the international far-left media.

On Thursday Petr Bystron had this to say about the growing political violence in Germany.

Petr Bystron: It’s true. Our party has two party leaders. A woman, Dr Alice Weidel, and a man, Tino Chrupalla. Both are now out of order. This is a result of the political situation in Germany. What happened to Tino just two days ago is that supposedly he was attacked. Nobody knows really what happened. It was near from here. I’m sitting now in Munich. It was – nearby. It’s some 69 km, so it’s 1 hour drive. He fell down on the floor after his speech and he was delivered into the hospital with blue light. He was kept on a special department and many tests are done because the police thinks it may be possible that he was poisoned with something, with a needle. And the investigation are still going on…

…The police found even also a needle and now investigations are going on. The mainstream media is trying to keep this silent or to say, well, we don’t know if the AfD is not lying – but it’s very different to any other attack. Anything that happens in Germany is always big in the media. If it’s happening to some politician of the old parties, of the establishment, but if it’s happening to us, to the opposition, then they just doing like nothing happened.

Jim Hoft: So what is it about Germany and the AfD? What is it about AfD that they don’t give you guys any good press? They attack you constantly. And now there’s been several attacks.

Petr Bystron: Exactly. There were several attacks. You reported this. My good friend Andreas Jurka, again, one hour drive, but in other direction – He was beaten very brutally and at night by four men. And just one week ago, special forces of the Swiss police called our other head of our party, Dr. Alice Weidel. They called her at home, and they said, listen, you have 30 minutes, and you leave your home with your kids, with your partner. And they had 30 minutes to pack, to grab all the gear, and they had to immediately to leave the flat because there was a serious threat. The police said, well, there will be an attack on your person, maybe even on the whole family. So we can be sure. We cannot guarantee your security until you don’t leave the flat. And this is the situation just three days in front of two very important elections in Germany, in the state of Bavaria.

These attacks come before major elections in Bavaria this week in which the AfD is looking very strong in the polls.

Jim Hoft: Petr, there was also a time I remember we reported this at The Gateway Pundit, I think you were under assault one time by mobs outside of your home. Is that correct?

Petr Bystron: The last attack was recorded and you reported it. Thank you very much for that because this is really important that we have international awareness about what is happening in Germany… There are colleagues they had been beaten almost to death. There are many, many attacks on our houses, cars were burned down and so on and so on this is really a lot.

Then Petr shared this heart-breaking news…

Petr Bystron: Yes, I had already two attacks on the home where I’m living with my kids, and now I’m enforced to leave this flat. So this is the last recording from this flat. After 25 years, we have been kicked out of this flat, and we have to find a new flat just because I am working in the AfD.

After our recording ended, Petr showed me his flat in Munich. Everything was in boxes, the pictures were taken down, he is moving his belongings after 25 years.

Petr is now forced to move his family because of the political violence in Germany.

Haven’t we all read this story before?

The Gateway Pundit will continue to report on the plight on our populist friends in the AfD in Germany.

Thanks to Elon Musk for shining some light on this horrible violence against the AfD in Germany.

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