Noted Germophobe Howard Stern Reportedly Getting Into Fights With His Wife Over Fear of New COVID Variant

It seems as though the COVID pandemic broke Howard Stern.

The famous shock-jock has made it clear in recent years that he is terrified of getting COVID, to the point where he began doing his radio show from his Long Island home, rather than venturing in to New York City.

His second wife, who is younger than him, apparently does not share his neurosis and this is causing friction between the two.

The New York Post reports:

‘Neurotic, paranoid’ Howard Stern says his fear of COVID is causing fights with wife Beth Ostrosky

Radio host Howard Stern recently admitted that his paranoia over a new strain of COVID-19 has gotten him into a fight with his wife.

During a Wednesday segment of his Sirius XM radio show, the shock jock conceded that he’s paranoid and “neurotic,” especially when it comes to the virus, and noted that his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern, is less so.

As he explained, this has led to tension and arguments with her as media outlets have been warning about a new coronavirus strain and his wife wants to go out and socialize.

The topic came up when a guest caller asked the radio host whether he thought it was risky to return to the studio for his show amid the new warnings about another COVID-19 outbreak.

Stern admitted the fear of getting sick has been weighing on him and his relationship.

He said, “I’m going crazy with this. My wife yelled at me last night. We got into a fight.”

He added, “You know how paranoid I am about getting COVID. I haven’t gotten it, and I’m pretty safe, and I really don’t want to get it.”

How sad. What happened to Howard?

How far the mighty have fallen.

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