NYC Amazon Driver Showdown with Drunk, Naked Migrant

Joe Biden is not letting the best and brightest pour over his broken border.

On Sunday, an Amazon driver in New York City said he was attacked by a drunk, naked migrant while delivering packages in the Clinton Hill area.

Police sources identified the migrant as Yeison Sanchez, 26, who resides at a shelter a few blocks from the incident.

According to reports, the naked migrant was allegedly drunk and clutching a beer bottle when the Amazon driver said he caught him trying to steal packages he was delivering in the area.

The New York Post reports:

“I was unloading my stuff, and a guy – he was like a pervert, he had his penis out,” the driver, who asked that he only be identified as Abu, told The Post on Monday.

“He’s in the corner of the street j–king off and I told him, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’” Abu added. “And he went into my van where all my mail and everything was at, and I pushed him away, and he ran towards me like he was going to aggressively hit me.”

Abu said he picked up a piece of ice from the ground and chucked it at the rowdy flasher.

Abu flagged down police officers in the area for help.

Unfortunately for Abu, Sanchez told police he was the actual victim and suffered injuries from the altercation.

While Sanchez was charged with petit larceny and public lewdness and was released without bail, Abu was charged with third-degree assault and released on a desk appearance ticket, according to police.

When informed by The Post that Sanchez was a migrant, the Amazon worker said that the man “was given a chance by being let into this country, and he didn’t use it.”

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