NYC Mayor Eric Adams May Be One of the Most Dishonorable Mayors in NYC History

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Mayor Eric Adams may already be one of the most dishonorable mayors in NYC history according to a former police officer.  The number of crooked actions involving Adams is exploding.

In early July, six individuals were arrested for criminal activities involving Adams’s election.

Six people were charged Friday in an alleged scheme to divert tens of thousands of dollars in public money to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign months before his election.

This case involved a former NYC cop and ally of Adams:

“An acquaintance of New York City Mayor Eric Adams is at the center of an alleged straw-donor scheme, announced by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Friday, that funneled tens of thousands of dollars in illicit contributions to the Democratic mayor’s campaign,” Politico reports.

“Dwayne Montgomery is a retired deputy inspector with the NYPD, where he overlapped with Adams before the mayor retired to pursue a political career.”

“According to an indictment unveiled by Bragg Friday, Montgomery was among six people charged with an elaborate scheme to circumvent campaign finance laws and ply the campaign with cash in the hopes of currying favor for future business deals with the city, once Adams was elected.”

Adams admits that he knows the main man involved in the case.

Mayor Eric Adams acknowledged that he knows the man at the center of an alleged scheme to divert thousands of dollars in public money to his campaign from their overlapping careers at the NYPD.

Hizzoner’s remarks on Monday were the first he has made about the straw donor scandal since Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Dwayne Montgomery — the former police inspector — and five other men for allegedly using friends and relatives to make illegal donations to Adams’ 2021 mayoral campaign.

A top Adams aide was involved in the arrest.

A top City Hall aide has been outed as the campaign worker who dealt with the alleged mastermind of a straw donor scheme to gain political influence in the Big Apple.

Rachel Atcheson, Mayor Eric Adams’ deputy director for food policy and a fellow vegetarian, organized a fundraiser with accused ringleader Dwyane Montgomery, a former NYPD inspector and head of integrity for a municipal workers union, according to newly filed court documents.

Manhattan prosecutors identified Atcheson as “Campaign Representative #1” who was mentioned in an indictment filed against Montgomery, five others and Ecosafety Consultants Inc. earlier this month in the alleged big-bucks scam.

Another Democrat was involved in the arrest as well.

A Manhattan Democratic Party official has been identified as a “straw donor” who dealt with at least one of the defendants in the alleged criminal campaign-finance scheme that has rocked Mayor Eric Adams’ 2021 campaign.

William Smith, a Democratic district leader from East Harlem, was revealed as “straw donor 16” who had conversations with defendant Shamsuddin Riza in the case, according to court papers filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

Not long after all of this, the Head of NYC anti-violence program was busted in a gun and drug bust.

The director of a Bronx anti-violence program listed as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to curb shootings was hit with drug and gun charges in a massive upstate bust, The Post has learned.

Michael Rodriguez, 48, head of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence (BRAG), was among 15 suspects charged in the drug conspiracy case, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday.

He is accused of supplying drugs to dealers in Middletown and Port Jervis to be sold on the streets.

Cops raided his Yonkers home last week and allegedly found the drugs, more than $165,000 in cash and two illegal guns — a Ruger .380 caliber handgun and a Bond Arms .357-caliber handgun.

Rodriguez’ organization BRAG is among the grassroots organizations listed as community partners in the city’s “Blueprint to End Gun Violence” released last year.

The New York Daily News reported recently on the former NYC Buildings Commissioner who has been charged with corruption.

Former New York City Buildings Commissioner Eric Ulrich has been charged with corruption in a sealed indictment, sources told the Daily News late Thursday.

Ulrich was revealed to be in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s crosshairs when investigators seized his phone last November, seven months after Mayor Adams tapped him as his Buildings commissioner. He resigned his Buildings post days later…

…the charges Ulrich faces are also expected to touch on his alleged ties to organized crime and illegal gambling.

In another story a minister in NYC was charged with corruption related to the NYC government.

The flashy, jewelry-flaunting Brooklyn pastor who reported being robbed while preaching at his church this past summer was arrested on federal charges Monday – unrelated to the July incident – for allegedly defrauding a parishioner, trying to extort a businessman and lying to the FBI, according to a federal indictment.

Lamor Whitehead, the 45-year-old pastor who goes by “Bishop,” was charged with wire fraud, attempted wire fraud, attempted extortion and making a material false statement, the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York announced. He faces up to 65 years in prison for his alleged crimes.

As the pastor of Leaders of TomorrowInternational Ministry, Whitehead allegedly defrauded one of his parishioners out of about$90,000 from her retirement savings over the course of at least 14 months beginning around April 2020, according to the indictment. The document said Whitehead told the parishioner he would use her money to help her buy a home and invest the rest of the money, but instead used it “to purchase thousands of dollars of luxury goods and clothing” and “for his own purposes.”

Whitehead never helped her buy a home, the court document says, and never returned her money despite her request.

This spring, Whitehead allegedly attempted to convince a businessman to loan him about $500,000 and grant him a stakein real estate transactions in exchange for obtaining “favorable actions by the New York City government” that would make them “millions” – something the pastor knew he could not obtain, the indictment says. Earlier this year, he also allegedly used “threats of force” against that same businessman to extort $5,000 from him.

Former NYPD officer Sal Greco was on the other side of the NYC justice system.  He befriended Roger Stone and as a result was fired by the NYPD.  His removal was based on the fact that he was Roger Stone’s friend and that he could not work for NYC and have been connections to a criminal (Stone was pardoned of any wrongdoing at the time).

Greco shared the mass corruption a month ago.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE CORRUPTION IN THE NYPD – Incoming Police Commissioner Reportedly So Corrupt that He Reportedly Will Not Take the Job

On Thursday, Greco shared more on the destruction of the Big Apple due to the corruption of its latest mayor.

Sal Greco on The Joe Hoft Show – 4 August 2023 on the Corrupt Mayor of NYC Eric Adams

Greco is now suing the city for his wrongful termination.  You can help support Greco at his website:

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