NYC Reaches $2.1 Million Settlement in “Toxic Whiteness” Discrimination Case After Replacing 3 White Women With Less Qualified People of Color

Ex-schools chancellor Richard Carranza (left); Jaye Murray, Lois Herrera, Laure Feijoo (right)
Ex-schools chancellor Richard Carranza (left); Jaye Murray, Lois Herrera, Laure Feijoo (right) – via New York Post

Three white women will receive a total of $2.1 million in a lawsuit against New York City after they were demoted from their positions as Department of Education executives — for being White!

The demotions happened under ex-Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. Carranza was appointed by former New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who, according to internal emails reported by the New York Post, was “fixated on diversity.”

The lawsuit filed five years ago takes on the racist policies of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which companies and government entities use to discriminate against Whites because they’re supposedly more advantaged than people of color.

Equality in today’s world has been replaced with equity because the theory behind the policy assumes that people of color need an extra push or training wheels to reach the same level of success as their White counterparts, and therefore, Whites should be disadvantaged in the workplace.

What a privilege!

As Tucker Carlson noted in a discussion on racism against White people in a recent podcast episode, “There is systemic racism in the United States against Whites.”

Tucker Carlson: There Is Systemic Racism in the U.S. – Against Whites! (Video)

However, this racism against Whites also translates into prejudice against other races, as the basis for anti-White discrimination is the automatic assumption that people are not as intelligent and capable or need participation awards like a month dedicated in their honor if they’re not White. But there is one aspect of equality in that we’re all just sheep in the world of progressive leftists.

The “landmark case,” as attorney Davida Perry called it, may help our country return to sanity and deter woke DEI policies in the future.

New York Post reports,

Lois Herrera, Jaye Murray and Laura Feijoo – who will receive $700,000 each – reached a settlement three months after a judge ruled they “offer evidence of race-based discrimination in Carranza’s DOE,” paving the way for a June trial.

“This landmark case is a resounding affirmation that discrimination of any form should not be tolerated in educational institutions, regardless of the race of those negatively impacted,” their lawyer Davida Perry told The Post.

Filed five years ago, the suit alleged Carranza waged a crusade against “toxic whiteness” in the city Department of Education.

Herrera, who had a Harvard master’s degree, was working successfully as CEO of the Office of Safety and Youth Development when one of Carranza’s deputy chancellors abruptly stripped her title and replaced her with a “less-qualified” Black man, Mark Rampersant, who held a GED, the suit alleged.

Plaintiff Jaye Murray, former executive director of the Office of Counseling Support Programs, had her duties “sharply reduced” after being told to report to Herrera’s successor, and Plaintiff Laura Feijoo, former Senior Supervising Superintendent, was replaced by a black woman who didn’t even have the required licensing.

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