OAN Tells Viewers to “Forget About the Debate” and Airs Trump-Tucker Interview Instead (VIDEO)

OAN Host Dan Ball

President Trump was not the only one who bowed out of covering the FOX News GOP presidential candidate’s debate.

OAN skipped the debate coverage and broadcast the Trump-Tucker interview live last night.

It was a wise move. Over 170 million have watched the Trump-Tucker interview since it was first posted last night.

It is safe to say the Trump-Tucker interview smashed the ratings from the FOX News debate.

OAN Host Dan Ball: Before we leave you we have a special treat. The Herring Broadcasting family and myself want to thank Tucker Carlson, because you have a treat right now. I’m going to shut up and you are going to see the Trump-Tucker interview that is broadcasting live over on Twitter, or X, right here on One America News. Tucker granted us — I think we’re the only ones — permission to air this. So forget the debate. Watch Tucker and Trump. And we’ll see you tomorrow night.

Via Media Matters.

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