OF COURSE: Maine Secretary of State Barring Trump from 2024 Ballot Attended the Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ in 2017

Credit: Maine Secretary of State Office

Shenna Bellows, the Maine Secretary of State who is trying to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot, attended the anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ in 2017.

The Women’s March featured numerous speakers using violent rhetoric, including the singer Madonna who said that she had been thinking of ‘blowing up’ the White House.

The Women’s March, as an organization, quickly crumbled due to multiple charges of anti-Semitism.

This woman clearly thinks of herself as part of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ so her efforts to get Trump removed from the ballot should come as no surprise.

Maine Public reported in 2017:

Thousands Rally Across Maine in Support of Women’s Rights

One day after the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, thousands of women and men turned out across Maine Saturday to raise their voices, show solidarity and pledge to stand up for women’s and immigrants’ rights, for the LGBT community and for the environment. In Augusta, the crowd at the State house was so large that Capitol Security couldn’t provide an estimate of its size. At one point cars trying to get off I-95 were backed up for more than a mile, delaying the start of the rally for about half an hour…

Speakers, such as Democratic state Sen. Shenna Bellows of Manchester, the former director of the ACLU of Maine, acknowledged the fear people have about the future under a the new administration. But Bellows and others encouraged them to remember that they are not alone, that it is important to stay engaged, and that there is power in numbers.

“When you look back at our nation’s history of civil rights it’s one of both tragic loss and setbacks and forward action of people,” Bellows said. “And we are a more just and equal society than we were at our nation’s founding or even 50 years ago. And so I have confidence that good people coming together and persevering will prevail.”

Here’s a pic:

Democrats claim to care about ‘our democracy.’ The truth is that they are a bigger threat to democracy than anyone else.

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