Ohio State DT Mike Hall Jr. is ready to work for whoever his new NFL team is

When it comes to the NFL Draft there are some prospects are ready to get right to work. It is clear and obvious that Ohio State defensive tackle Mike Hall Jr. is one of them.

It can be easy for the process of the draft to get to and distract players, but others are able to maintain enough tunnel vision to stay laser focused on the ultimate goal.

Thanks to our friends at GilletteLabs and P&G and Meijer I was able to speak to Mike this past Thursday and ask about everything leading up to a process that is going to completely change his life. He is ready to get to work work extremely hard at that. You can watch our entire conversation right here.

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It is clear that whoever drafts Mike is going to get somebody that is incredibly disciplined and ready for life at the professional level.

Many thanks to him for the time.

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