Oklahoma Sooners Women’s Softball Team with an Incredible Message After Their Historic Season and World Series Win

The last time the Oklahoma Sooners women’s softball team lost a game was back in February.  Since that loss to Baylor University, the Sooners’ women have won 53 straight games.  It is an extraordinary record-setting accomplishment.

And the personal message of several of their athletes is a refreshing proclamation in the current cultural climate.

On May 27th, the Sooners’ women, then tied with the 1996-97 Arizona Wildcats for the most consecutive wins at 47 games, were down 7-4 in the 7th inning.  Kinzie Hansen was at the plate facing an 0-2 count with exclusive rights to the record on the line.  One strike away from a streak-ending loss, Hansen belted a 3-run homer to send the game to extra-innings.  The Sooners fought back and won in the 9th inning by a score of 8-7 to advance to the Women’s College World Series for the seventh-straight time.

The Sooners softball team would go on to sweep the Florida State Seminoles in the WCWS Finals to land at an astonishing record-setting 53 consecutive wins.

And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of collegiate athletes.  During a press conference after a win during the WCWS, a reporter from ESPN asked, “How do you handle the unique pressure [of keeping the win streak alive] that comes with that?  How do you keep the joy for so long when anxiety seems like a thing that could very easily set in?”

Sooners’ captain Grace Lyons: eyes up while giving thanks to God

The Sooners team captain and short-stop, Grace Lyons, gave an inspirational answer:

“Well, the only way that you can have a joy that doesn’t fade away is from the Lord.  And any other type of joy is actually happiness that comes from circumstances and outcomes.  I think coach has said this before, but Joy from the Lord is the only thing that can keep you motivated, and just in a good mindset, no matter the outcomes.  Thankfully, we’ve had a lot of success this year, but if it was the other way around, Joy from the Lord is the only thing that can keep you embracing those memories, moments, friendships, and all of that.  So, that’s really the only answer to that, because there’s no other way softball can bring you that because of how much failure comes in it and just how much of a rollercoaster the game can be.”

As if Lyons’ response wasn’t incredible enough, both of her teammates flanking her during the press conference reverberated her statement.

Sooners’ Jayda Coleman celebrates as the team advances in the Women’s College World Series

Three-time All-American center fielder Jayda Coleman immediately backed up the team captain:

“1,000% agree with Grace Lyons.  I’ve went through that my freshmen year…I was so happy that we won the College World Series, but I didn’t feel Joy.  I didn’t know what to do the next day.  I didn’t know what to do for the following week.  I didn’t feel filled.  I had to find Chrsit in that and I think that is what makes our team so strong, is that we’re not afraid to lose, because it’s not the end of the world.  Yes, obviously we worked our butts off to be here and we want to win, but its not the end of the world because our life is in Christ, and that’s all that matters.”

Sooners’ Alyssa Brito is known for her emotionally charged celebrations

Alyssa Brito, the Sooners third-baseman who transferred from Oregon in 2021, made a reference to a celebratory practice where they look up and point towards the sky. Brito said:

“…I know myself, I’ve seen so much of a growth in myself with…once I turned to Jesus, and I realized how He had changed my outlook on life, not just softball, but understanding how much I have to life for, and that’s living to exemplify the Kingdom.  And that brings so much freedom.”

The trio in the press conference caught some flak for their flamboyant celebrations, as reported by a local news outlet, The Oklahoman.

But not only are they World Series Champs, yet again, they also own the longest win streak in NCAA history!  Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners women’s softball team!

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