ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez: Defund The Police MORONS Now Want More Police (Video)

It appears defunding the police is maybe getting people killed, who could have seen that coming? Many foresaw this very basic negative result of such a move but this is what happens when dumb ideas collide with reality, people die.

From Democrat Congressman being carjacked at gun point, leftist activists being stabbed to death on a sidewalk, leftist journalists being gunned down in their own home and civilians now experiencing the rise in crime across America. There is no escaping the consequences of letting lawlessness abound.

Now, many who once advocated to defund the police to appear a friend to BLM and the woke in 2020 are now singing a different tune in 2023 as crime continues to sky rocket across America. Idiots.

Play dangerous games, win dangerous prizes.

Watch Drew break this all down NOW on this edition of ON WATCH w/ Drew Hernandez.

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