One Gun, Every Mission: The New ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite

ZEV Technologies is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest handgun: the OZ9 V2 Elite. With its modular design, the OZ9 V2 Elite allows you to customize your handgun with different slide lengths, grip sizes, or barrel options. The OZ9 V2 Elite ZEV features a new hybrid slide design that incorporates features from both Gen 5 and Gen 3 Glock-style pistols, combining reliability, durability, and enhanced trigger performance.

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One Gun, Every Mission: The New ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite

“One gun, every mission” was the mantra behind the creation of the OZ9 V2 Elite. Now, with true modularity, ten different variations of a single OZ9 can be created. Three lengths of slides, two grip sizes and, threaded and non-threaded barrel options make this possible with the V2 Compact receiver.


  • ZEV Signature OZ9 V2 Slide Hybrid Gen 5/Gen 3.
  •   ZEV Optimized Barrel.
  •   ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger.
  •   ZEV OZ9C or X Grip.
  •   ZEV OZ9 Magwell.
  •   ZEV OZ9 Custom Nanuk Case.

Starting with the top end, we cut wider serrations at the front and rear to drive your grip further into the slide. Manipulations under any condition become easy work regardless of the environment. We then updated the channeling at the top of the slide to deflect glare, and small windows that let the dimples of the Optimized Match barrel shine through.

Internally, we’ve created a hybrid system between Gen 5 and Gen 3. This is the best of all worlds leading to more reliability, durability and incredibly crisp trigger breaks. Don’t miss out on being the first to own the new OZ9 V2 Elite!

One Gun, Every Mission: The New ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite

The new ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite comes with a typical ZEV asking price of about $1,763 for the base compact model which features a more traditional barrel. However, Hypercomp versions of the OZ9 V2 Elite are also already available for around $1900 and come with ZEV’s unique ported barrel and slide design that allows for easier barrel disassembly compared to a traditional thread-on compensator. For more information or to see the complete lineup of new ZEV OZ9 V2 Elite pistols you can visit

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