Oops! CNN Hacks Shocked to Find Out Plurality of Americans Blame Old Joe Biden and Dems for Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

Well, this was not supposed to happen!
After days of blaming House Republicans for the recent government funding debacle, CNN was shocked to find out that a plurality of Americans blame Old Joe and Democrats for a possible government shutdown.

CNN data reporter Harry Enten: “I think this one was a bit of a surprise to me given, I think, what the conventional wisdom is. So there have been a number of polls on this, so “Who would you mainly blame for a government shutdown?” Actually, the plurality blame Joe Biden or the Democrats in Congress at 39%, the GOP in Congress at 33%, both equally at 22.

But in the two polls that I have seen, when you combine Biden and the Congressional Democrats more voters blame them than blame Republicans in Congress. And that is very different than what we’ve seen in prior shutdowns. So who did the public blame for prior shutdowns? Republicans in 95-96, Republicans in 2013, and Republicans in 2018-19. So, this may be a shutdown that is quite different than that in terms of the public blame because at least at this point, more Americans say they’ll blame Biden and or the Democrats in Congress.

How did this segment ever slip by the editors?
We will see if Mr. Enten has a job on Sunday.

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