Oversight Chairman James Comer: Informant on Biden Family Crimes Has Gone Missing – FBI Won’t Look Into This (VIDEO)

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

During their discussion Comer told Maria that NINE Biden family members received foreign payments totaling more than $10 million. Comer then dropped this bomb — The informant on the Biden family has gone missing.

Chairman Comer then added this, “We have evidence that Joe Biden when he was Vice President was involved in a quid pro quo with a foreign country in exchange for foreign aid. This is a very serious accusation. All the FBI has to do is say, ‘Yeah, we looked into it and it wasn’t a credible informant.’ But they won’t answer our questions.”

Maria Bartiromo: Are their whistleblowers missing right now?

Rep. James Comer: Well, we investigated and the people we tracked down going back to the CEFC, the two main players in that business as well as all the Americans that were involved in the different Biden influence peddling schemes as well as the Serbian national. Nine of ten people that we’ve identified, they we very good knowledge with respect to the Bidens, they’re one of three things. They’re either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

Editor’s note: This original article stated an FBI whistleblower on the Biden family had gone missing. The article was updated to correctly state an informant on the Biden family has gone missing.

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