PA: Stop HB 2206 – Electronic Gun Registry

PA: Dems Ram Through Electronic Gun Registry Bill in House Judiciary Committee

Under the cover of darkness, the radically anti-gun House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Tim Briggs (D-149), sneaked in a nefarious bill to establish an electronic firearms registry.

Anti-gun House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Tim Briggs (D-149)

In a blitzkrieg maneuver, the Democrats blindsided everyone by putting HB 2206 on the agenda without seeking input from anyone, including GOA. Instead, they did a “bait and switch” by not voting on the Gun Violence Task Force bill (HB 483) and putting HB 2206 on the agenda in its place.

HB 2206 will set up all the conditions necessary for the Pennsylvania State Police to enhance their so-called “Record of Sale” system which is nothing more than a backdoor gun registry.

Gun owners across Pennsylvania are not fooled by the rhetoric claiming that the Pennsylvania State Police “Firearm Application/Record of Sale” form (SP4-113) is not a registry. We know better. And HB 2206 would allow the efficient collection of any additional data the government would decide to ask for at the point of sale using this electronic form.

So, I am urging you to contact your state representative (by using the form above) to vote AGAINST HB 2206 and let House Judiciary Chairman Tim Briggs know that his actions on this bill were completely underhanded.

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