Packaging Pictured: Intel Core i9-14900K Comes in This Box

Intel has started shipments of its Core i9-14900K and Core i9-14900KF ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ to reviewers and retailers, so it is not surprising that images of these of the packaging have leaked. Hardware leakers @9550pro and I_Leak_VN have published and re-published images of both CPU boxes (one of which was leaked by @LepherAndrey), which indicates that the CPUs are indeed arriving at various addressees. 

Intel apparently decided not to bother with inventing an all-new new fancy package for its flagship Raptor Lake Refresh offerings like it did in the past with Core i9-13900K/KS, Core i9-12900K/KS, Core i9-11900K, and Core i9-9900K, but it is using a similar box to the one it offered with the 13th Gen flagships. The new top-of-the-range Core i9-14900K and Core i9-14900KF CPUs are beoshipped in dark blue box containing a silicon-wafer inspired plastic case and marked as ‘i9 14th Gen’ and ‘Intel Core Unlocked.’ 

The CPU — which will likely be among the best CPUs for gaming — can be seen in a window on a side of the package and it can be observed that the company is shipping SRN48 S-Spec of the CPU.

(Image credit: @9550pro/Twitter)

One thing that is notably missing from images of the Core i9-14900K/KF boxes published so far are specifications for the CPUs. Howe, we already know that these CPUs pack eight high-performance Raptor Lake cores with a maximum single-core turbo boost frequency of 6.0 GHz as well as 16 energy-efficient Gracemont cores running at clocks beyond 4.30 GHz.

All Intel’s 14th Generation Core ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ processors will be drop-in compatible with existing LGA1700 motherboards based on Intel 600 and Intel 700-series chipsets equipped with an appropriate BIOS and featuring a voltage regulating module that can handle these CPUs.

Intel is expected to formally launch its enthusiast-oriented Core i9-14900K/KF, Core i7-14700K/KF, and Core i5-14600K/KF processors with unlocked multiplier on October 17, 2023.

(Image credit: @LepherAndrey/Twitter)

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