PARODY? Gavin Newsom Releases Bizarre Pro-Abortion Ad Showing Women Fleeing Alabama, Being Forced to Take Pregnancy Tests (VIDEO)

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom released an ad over the weekend showing young women attempting to escape Alabama for an abortion.

The video shows two young women attempting to flee Alabama before being stopped by a police officer who asks them to take a pregnancy test.

“We’re almost there. We’re gonna make it,” the woman’s friend says when a police vehicle suddenly pulls them over.

“Trump Republicans want to criminalize young Alabama women who travel for reproductive care,” the narrator says. “Stop them by taking action.”

“Alabama’s abortion ban has no exceptions for rape or incest,” Newsom wrote. “Now, Republicans are trying to criminalize young women’s travel to receive abortion care. We cannot let them get away with this.”

Back in 2022, California Rep. Eric Swalwell released a similarly dramatic ad in which a woman was arrested in front of her two children after getting an abortion. After she resists arrest, the cops pull out their firearms and placed her in handcuffs in front of her screaming family.

The reality in the United States is quite the opposite.

Since Joe Biden took office, we’ve witnessed the FBI raiding the homes of Pro-Life activists who dared to sit outside an abortion clinic and sing hymns and pray.  That is the reality in Joe Biden’s America.

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The state authorities in Alabama cannot prevent women from traveling to a pro-abortion state to have an abortion. This was already decided by the DOJ.

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