Pathetic: Speaker McCarthy Lectures on Two-Tiered Justice System But Refuses to Act as Biden Crimes Stack Up and Democrats Criminalize Speech in America

Speaker Kevin McCarthy posted a video of himself lecturing on the two-tiered justice system in America today.

This comes the day after President Donald Trump was arraigned for speech violations in America.

It is now illegal for Americans to refute any Democrat election “victory.”
Correction: It is now illegal for REPUBLICANS to refute any Democrat “victory.”

McCarthy made these bold and brave remarks after he adjourned Congress for a month for vacation.
So brave.

Catturd said it best – worthless coward.

General Michael Flynn piled on, “I wonder if Speaker McCarthy pays any attention to the comments section of his “X” account.

The feedback may only be anecdotal, but the comments are scathing. And if one of his minions handles this account for him, they are probably chicken-$h!t to tell him how ugly the comments are.

Either way, the speaker must feel comfortable in his position, a seminal leadership position in America (especially these days) where he demonstrates a complete lack of leadership.

Seriously, what has the GOP House majority accomplished to date?

Catturd2, as usual, you were (and are) much more succinct than I’ll ever be…”

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