Peaceful J6er Will Watson Finds Solace in Prison After Surrendering to Jesus Christ – Will Walked in the US Capitol and Called for Peace – Did Not Pull a Fire Alarm – PLEASE DONATE BELOW

Guest post by Condemned USA

Prior to January 6th, Will Watson was an aspiring chef, working as the Chef de Partie at Lucy’s, the most popular restaurant in Auburn, Alabama.

At only 23 years old, Will was moving up in the world and excited to see where life would take him.

Unfortunately, on March 9, 2023, his life took a drastic turn for the worse when he was convicted of “Obstruction of a federal proceeding” and “entering or remaining with a deadly or dangerous weapon” for peacefully protesting at the United States Capitol. The “Weapon” was a canister of mace, thrown to him by someone else in the crowd.

Will Watson DID NOT pull a fire alarm.  He DID NOT shut down a federal proceeding.  He called for a peaceful gathering!

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On Saturday, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled a fire alarm inside the US Capitol and shut down Congress.  Does anyone think Jamaal will spend ONE DAY in prison for his actions?

Capitol Police even checked Will for weapons and allowed him to keep the canister that day. They assured him it wasn’t an issue.

But the issue was blown out of proportion in a politically biased D.C. Court.  Despite having no prior criminal history and guidelines suggesting a sentence of only 10-16 months at the most, Will was sentenced to three years in federal prison. 

Three years for entering the open doors of the US Capitol on January 6!

Will’s beautiful baby girl, Cattleya, was born prematurely on December 28, 2022. By the grace of God, she made it through that difficult trial with only a few health issues. While she still faces certain challenges, they are manageable, and she is overall healthy.

As a J6er, Will was forced to endure solitary confinement — a strain on both his mental and emotional help. Remarkably, he believes the experience was necessary to renew and strengthen his faith in God’s plan for his life. He says the trials and challenges that came as a result of January 6th pushed him to a breaking point — ultimately leading him to realize that there was no way for him to navigate this life alone.

Miraculously, Will fully surrendered to Christ. Although he admits it’s not easy to keep faith during such trying times, Will’s heart is now dedicated to trusting in God’s purpose.

Will looks forward to his release from prison and continues to dream — working on plans, menus, and recipes for a catering company he plans to open when he is free to pay $12,000 in fines. With God by his side, Will is determined to move forward and rebuild what he’s lost, pursue his dreams, and raise his daughter Cattleya with devoted love and attention.

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