Penn State DE Dani Dennis-Sutton mocks Michigan’s sign-stealing

The ongoing saga surrounding Michigan as a result of an investigation into an alleged sign-stealing operation run by former analyst Connor Stalions is not going anywhere anytime soon. The Big Ten suspended Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh from coaching in the team’s final three games of the season, and that move has led to a court action from the University and Harbaugh that is headed to a hearing next Friday.

As this swirls, a game is being played between Michigan and Penn State, and it is not just any game. It is a clash between two teams ranked in the top ten, and Penn State would love nothing more than to spoil what has been an unblemished season to date for the Wolverines.

Doing so while the allegations swirl around Michigan’s program? That’s just potential icing on a delicious cake.

As you might expect, the allegations around Michigan have been a big part of the story. Most notably? In this celebration from Penn State pass rusher Dani Dennis-Sutton after a tackle for a loss in the second half:

Yes, that is absolutely a sign-stealing celebration, from the mimicked use of binoculars right down to the note taking from Dennis-Sutton.

If this is happening in Penn State-Michigan, just imagine what we are going to see when the Wolverines square off with Ohio State on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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