Pennsylvania School District Silent on Masked Woman Armed With a Rifle Having a ‘Mental Health Episode’ Outside Elementary School Earlier This Month

A Pennsylvania school district is facing calls from upset parents for more transparency surrounding an incident where an armed and masked woman dressed in camo had a “mental health episode” outside an elementary school earlier this month.

The calls for information have intensified after a woman shot six people, including three children, at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday.

The Canon-McMillan school district is accused of hiding details and information about the incident on March 9, just behind the South Central Elementary School at about 3:15 p.m.

“Officers found a woman dressed in camo, face covered and an assault rifle. They say she was having a mental health episode. The school was put on lockdown,” local station 11 News reports.

According to the station, parents are demanding answers and not getting any.

The school district claimed in a message to parents that the armed woman had nothing to do with the school.

“There was a police incident that was not related to the school but was in the area. This information was communicated with (School Resource Officer Carl) Fetcko. Out of an abundance of caution, we went into a lockdown until we received the all clear from the Canonsburg Police Department,” the message to parents stated.

After the woman was arrested, Canonsburg Mayor David Rhome said that she was detained by police and transported to a medical facility for psychiatric evaluation.

“The Canonsburg Police Department will always take all precautions necessary to protect not only the school, but all of the residents in our community,” said Rhome. “South Central’s school resource officer was very involved in the lockdown and making sure the children were safe.”

The woman’s name does not appear to have been released publicly at this time.

The Gateway Pundit has contacted the district for more information and will update this post if any is provided.

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