Peter Sweden: GOOD NEWS: Swedes REJECT Cashless Agenda

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This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

New poll finds that a large majority of Swedish people want to keep physical cash

I have some good news to bring you from my home country of Sweden.

A new poll finds that a whopping 83% of people want to keep using cash as a payment option in the future, a new record high!

Looks like people are beginning to realize that the cashless society is not what we want after all.

The biggest reason that people want to keep cash was for emergency preparedness, with 51% giving that as their main reason. But 29% of people said that freedom of choice was the main reason for wanting to keep cash, and another 19% said that inclusion was their reason.

So it appears one major reason for people wanting to keep cash is because of FREEDOM.

As we all know, going cashless would make it very easy for the state to keep track of everything that people do. Dissidents could easily be locked out from buying and selling.

Sweden has been one of the main countries pushing for a cashless society for many years now.

For example, over 6000 people have already gotten microchip implants in their hands to use for cashless payments. You can read all about that here.

Many shops in Sweden have gone cashless. For example, I visited a Burger King last year that had a sign proudly stating that they were cashless.

But things seem to be changing.

And now we see that a large majority of the people want to keep cash.

Looks like the cashless dystopia has been postponed!

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