Piers Morgan OBLITERATED In Palestine-Israel Debate & Caught Lying About 40 “Beheaded” Babies

During Tuesday’s edition of Piers Morgan Uncensored Egyptian comedian Bassem Youseff, whose wife is Palestinian with family in Gaza, exposed the mainstream media pundit as a lying propagandist.

Specifically, Morgan told Youssef he never spread the fake story of 40 Israeli babies being beheaded by Hamas during the disturbing terror attack on October 7th.

The comedian was explaining to Morgan how the lie of 40 babies being decapitated dehumanizes Palestinians and makes the carpetbombing of Gaza more acceptable to the masses when Piers claimed he “never” repeated the claim.

“Who has said 40 babies?” Morgan had the gall to ask, with Youssef responding, “You have repeated that.”

“No, I haven’t. I never said that,” Morgan again claimed.

A shocked Youssef answered, “You haven’t said on your show 40 decapitated babies?”

“No,” the news anchor emphatically stated.

Of course, as Morgan surely knows, the internet never forgets and there is actually footage of him saying on his program, “I choked up earlier reading this new revelation about 40 babies being killed and some of them being beheaded. And, I was like how can any human being do that to a baby?”

Throughout the rest of the interview, Youssef was sarcastic and continuously used dark humor to get his points across, such as joking that Palestinians are “hard to kill,” saying, “I know, because I’m married to one. I tried many times.”

The comedian repeatedly condemned Hamas, saying “fuck Hamas” and that he “hates” them while also defending the innocent civilians being killed in Gaza.

For example, Youssef asked several times why people in the West Bank, where Hamas allegedly has no control, are being killed in Israeli airstrikes.

At one point, Youssef touched on remarks by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying, “They said Israel is the only military force in the world that warns civilians before bombing them… how fucking cute. That is so nice of them because with this logic, if Russian troops started warning Ukrainians before bombing their houses, we’re cool with Putin right?”

At one point, Youssef pretended to be an Israeli citizen speaking to Prime Minister Netanyahu, saying, “Those sons of bitches Hamas went into the fence that is regularly heavily guarded. Usually, if a dog comes close to it, it will be shot. Those people went in and they went for six hours before IDF forces were deployed, killing our friends, our families, kidnapping our grandmothers and babies.”

The comedian added, “I want to ask you, Mr. Prime Minister, after you have fractured the Israeli community and you have fucked our courts, what are you doing with the money given to you by the United States? Also, you are carpet bombing Gaza with absolutely no regard to our hostages, our people. I heard the rumor you let that happen as an excuse to carpetbomb Gaza.”

At the end of the segment, Youssef revealed his wife’s family in Gaza is safe and that their home still stands despite being bombed, showing an alleged image of the building and saying, “It’s bombed, it’s beautiful. It’s going to be a good Halloween theme, so thank you.”

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