Planned Publications

The Office of Homeland Security Statistics (OHSS) publishes regular reports and data on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis. For Fiscal Year 2024, we will publish the reports below.

Fiscal Year 2024 Planned Publications

Topic Report Title
Law Enforcement Use of Force Incidents
International Trade Intellectual Property Rights Seizures
Emergency Management      Disaster Deployments
Screening Airport Security Operations
Maritime Response Operations
Cybersecurity Federal Incidents
Immigration Yearbook
Immigration Annual Flow Report – Naturalizations
Immigration Annual Flow Report – Refugees and Asylees
Immigration Annual Flow Report – Nonimmigrant Admissions
Immigration Annual Flow Report – Lawful Permanent Residents 
Immigration Annual Flow Report – Enforcement Actions
Immigration Enforcement Lifecycle
Immigration Population Estimate – Lawful Permanent Residents     
Immigration Population Estimate – Nonimmigrants
Immigration Population Estimate – Unauthorized
Immigration Immigration Enforcement and Legal Pathways
Immigration Legal Immigration and Adjustment of Status

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