Poland to Let the People Decide on Migrants From Africa and the Middle East

Poland unveiled a new referendum question on Sunday pertaining to the EU’s policy on asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa.

The referendum will ask Poles if they back taking in “thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Africa” as part of an EU relocation scheme, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The referendum is set for October 15, the same day parliamentary elections will take place.

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[ Editor’s Note: The Polish are smart and strong. Thus far, they have had no problem telling the EU to shove it on taking in migrants from Africa and the Middle East. And wisely so. They have seen the result of the 3rd world invaders on almost every other nation in Europe. They know the score, and aside from the liberals, they want none of it.

The results are clearly visible. In nearly all other EU nations where Africans and Middle Easterners have been allowed to stream in, the world has witnessed dramatic increases in rapes, street crime, organized crime, gang activity, homicides, pedophilia, terrorism, street slums, no-go zones, and masses of unproductive military-aged males waiting for the next handout.

They have seen the process unfold across many nations: Settle enough and they start reproducing at many times that of the national norm (often because of polygamy). As with England, when enough are present, they form voting blocks. That is when local laws and ordnances start changing. Halal zones, the Call to Prayer blaring in the streets, local governments telling women how to dress so as to not offend the invaders, etc.. Their efforts are constant, pressing, searching for weaknesses to be exploited.

Then there are the dramatic religious differences. Poland is a Christian county. Those arriving from Africa and the Middle East are Muslim. As a central thrust of Islam is the subjugation of non-Islamic countries, the Poles know they would be importing WAR and the destruction of their culture and society. The Africans and Middle Easterners are honeybadgers… They don’t give a …… . Jihad by any means necessary.

Then there are the cultural differences. Who would have thought that SWEDEN would become the rape capital of the world?

Yes, Poland took in close to 2 MILLION refugees from Ukraine. But this is different. Most were women and children, they were from right next door, they have come to truly flee war, they bring useful skillsets, they are eternally appreciative, they worship the same God, they are not prone to violence and crime, they are respectful and sensitive to the subtle cultural differences, and they have every intention of leaving for home when safe to do so.

Stay strong, Poland. Defend your wonderful culture. Vote NO.

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