Pope Francis Chooses 21 New Cardinals – Globalist Leader of Catholics Wants His Successor to Keep Church in the Controversial ‘Progressive’ Path He Chose

Globalist Pope Francis doesn’t have much time left on this Earth. But before he passes away, he wants to make sure that he leaves behind a Catholic Church aligned with his ‘peculiar’ view of the millenary institution.

For that, he has been ‘packing’ with the college of Cardinals with like-minded clerics so that the body that will tasked with choosing the next occupant of Saint Peter’s throne has been re-made in his theological image.

Francis will turn 87 in December. He moves around using a wheelchair and a cane and has undergone several operations, but he still keeps a busy schedule.

Now, Pope Francis further cemented his legacy, elevating 21 prelates to the high rank of cardinal and raising the percentage of Cardinal-electors chosen by him.

Reuters reported:

“At a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square known as a consistory, Francis ‘created’ 21 new cardinals, the red-hatted ‘princes of the Church’ who are his closest advisers at the Vatican and around the world.

There are now 137 cardinal electors, about 73 percent of them chosen by Francis. This increases – but does not guarantee – the possibility that the next pope will share his vision of a more progressive, inclusive Church.

Eighteen of the 21 are under the age of 80 and thus eligible under Church law to enter a secret conclave to elect the next pope after Francis’ death or resignation. They are known as cardinal electors. The three 80 or over were given the honor because of their long service to the Church.”

The newly appointed cardinals come from the U.S., France, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Colombia, South Sudan, Hong Kong, Poland, Malaysia, Tanzania, Venezuela, and Portugal.

“‘Diversity is necessary; it is indispensable’ Francis said in his homily at the service, during which each new cardinal received a ring of office and the red, three-blade hat known as a ‘biretta’.”

On October 4, Francis will open a month-long major meeting in the Vatican, known as a synod, that is expected to chart the Church’s future.

In a two-year preparation for the synod, Catholics around the world were asked about their vision for the future of the Church.

The consultations were meant ‘to change the Church’s power dynamics’ and ‘give a greater voice to lay Catholics’.

But Francis’ Conservatives critics say the process has been a waste of time, and worse – may erode the hierarchical structure of the Church and, in the long run, could dilute traditional doctrine.

New York Post reported:

“In his instructions to the new cardinals, Pope Francis said their variety and geographic diversity would serve the church like musicians in an orchestra, who sometimes play solos while performing as part of an ensemble other times.

‘Diversity is necessary; it is indispensable. However, each sound must contribute to the common design’, he said. “This is why mutual listening is essential: each musician must listen to the others.

Each new cardinal took an oath to obey the pope, remain faithful to Christ and serve the church. The pontiff reminded them that they were wearing red as a sign that they must be strong ‘even to the shedding of blood’ to spread the faith.”

The ceremony was filled with controversy, as Victor Manuel Fernandez, appointed as the new head of the Vatican’s doctrine office, is a hated figure in many circles, and his choice was met with outrage.

“The man known as the ‘pope’s theologian’ admitted to making mistakes with his handling of a 2019 case regarding a priest accused of sexually abusing minors in Argentina, when he was a bishop there.”

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