POTD: David And Goliath – .22LR And .500 S&W Revolvers Side By Side

In today’s Photo of the Day, we’re looking at the revolver version of David and Goliath with one of the smallest and one of the biggest production wheelguns on the market. Our photo comes courtesy of our friend Cédric Armurier, whose work we’ve featured on TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday.

The diminutive revolver shown here is a North American Arms (NAA) 22LR single action mini revolver, chambered in, as the model name implies, .22 Long Rifle, playing the David to Smith & Wesson’s Goliath, the S&W 500. The .500 S&W Magnum cartridge has since been eclipsed as the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world but still shows quite a disparity between the two calibers. Aside from both being revolvers, the only thing this NAA 22LR and S&W 500 have in common is that they are both five-shooters. The NAA was brought into Cédric’s shop for some work on the hammer screw, and thankfully, he took the time to take these David and Goliath style photos.

David and Goliath - Revolvers

Speaking of calibers, we’ve just launched the new Cartridge Spotlight, a gradual series on TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday in which we’ll take a look at each cartridge and caliber in current production revolvers, with nods to discontinued but still obtainable revolvers as well. Thanks to Cédric for sharing his photos with us! If you want to see more of Cédric’s photos, check out his Instagram @Cedric_Armurier. If you’ve got a photo you’d like to share on TFB’s Photo Of The Day, send us an email.

What do you think about the NAA 22LR and the S&W 500?

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