POTD: National Guard With New MK 22 Sniper Rifles

The hungriest beast of them all on TFB is our Photo Of The Day. It consumes hundreds of images every month, and it has been starving for over 9 years. Sometimes these images find themselves, and sometimes we have to dig them out, but we hope they give you a diverse experience from the world of firearms. Here’s the Barrett MRAD adopted as the MK 22 Advanced Sniper Rifle by the U.S. military, as now used by some of the National Guard.

Below: If you have a sniper rifle you need a proper shooting range. And a spotter.

Sniper teams from the 1 BN 175 INF familiarize with the MK-22 Sniper rifle on range 47A on Fort Dix in New Jersey . The MK22 has now replaced the National Guard’s previously fielded Army sniper rifles. (Images provided by ASA Training Division, Steven Roussel)

Just send it!

Measuring the wind with the Kestrel.

Know your distance. But with a good sniper rifle and ammunition, distance is only an illusion.

More MK 22 sniper rifles.

Optics by Leupold.

Images provided by ASA Training Division, Steven Roussel

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