POTD: Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit with K9

I love these images! Boats, dogs, guns and motivated soldiers in search of enemies. Even the sun is out in this Photo Of The Day! The closest translation of the unit’s name into English would be “Swedish Naval Counter-SOF Unit”. They use the K9 dog to detect and locate hostile units on various islands in the Blekinge archipelago, in the southern coast of Sweden.

The squad is armed with the Ak5 (Automatkarbin 5C) rifle and the FN Minimi Para 5.56×45 mm (Kulspruta 90C). Below you can see two FN Minimis coming ashore, that’s quite a lot of firepower for a squad.

The boat is the Squad boat made by Marine Alutech from Finland, which was developed in the early 1990s. The boats were upgraded with new 230 horsepower engines from Steyr back in 2013.

The K9 looks highly motivated.

Photo Source: All photos taken by Mr. Axel Öberg. Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten).

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