POTD: The AR-300 Blackout

Welcome to our Photo Of The Day. Each day, we showcase at least one stunning image that captures the beauty of our world of firearms. Today we have an AR-300, let’s call it that for now because it sounds rather cool. What is the popularity of the 300 Blackout nowadays? A bunch of years ago it was everywhere, but you hear less and less about it in my opinion. I don’t have any statistics to back it up, but the sales of ammunition might be booming?

This “Honey Badger” uses a 7.5″ barrel from Lothar Walther Germany, here with a suppressor from B&T.

AR-300 Blackout

The upper is a JP Rifles CTR-02 and the lower is from Mega Arms. I think the trigger is from Geissele Automatics.

Do you shoot 300 Blackout? What do you think about its popularity now and in the future? Use the comments section below to discuss.

Source: Image submitted by one of our readers, used with permission.

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