POTD: The Dallas Texas Police Department SWAT Team’s LWRC IC-A5 Carbine

A new day and another go at TFB’s Photo Of The Day where we take a look at the Dallas Texas Police Department SWAT team’s LWRC IC-A5 carbine made by LWRC International LLC. IC stands for Individual Carbine.

Here is more information about the components the Dallas Texas Police Department SWAT team selected, and can be seen on the rifle:
The Dallas Texas Police Department SWAT team has selected and fielded the LWRCI IC-A5 carbine. The entire carbine setup was the first time in the departments history to obtain factory new weapon and components, identified, tested and selected by its team members, and delivered as a complete kit.” Dallas SWAT Team members conducted long and rigorous testing on each component from several companies over a nearly 2 year review process. At the end of that process they chose the LWRCI IC-A5 Individual Carbine in a 10.5” barrel configuration as its issued carbine for their elite tactical unit. The team members who tested and chose the system issued this statement to those who made this possible. “Thank you to the citizens of Dallas who donated the funds to the Team foundation that ultimately paid for the purchase. This outstanding rifle package was entirely privately-funded and donated to our Dallas SWAT officers. We cannot thank those outstanding civic leaders and their associations enough for their enthusiasm to support us and make this rifle a possibility.” “At this time, we are going leave these special donors remain anonymous, but you know who you are.” They also wished to express their gratitude to the Fort Worth SWAT team who had suggested the LWRCI rifle and components that they had tested and selected two years prior. Thanks as well to DSG Arms, an Authorized LWRCI Law Enforcement Distributor who won the procurement contract and managed the logistics to assemble the kit as delivered.” Upon receipt of the carbines, Dallas SWAT went through several weeks of new equipment familiarization and training, contracted and provided by Victory First and the manufacturers to increase proficiency with the new technology and benefits of the components. After several long training cycles and qualifications, Dallas SWAT began their operational deployments with new equipment.
What do you think about their choice of rifle and components?

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