Power your PC with an 850W Corsair RM850x for just $89

One of the components in your PC that you should never scrimp on is the power supply. It might not have the prestige of a shiny new CPU or GPU and is normally hidden away in your PC case under a shroud where you can’t see the nest of cables. Still, it is one of the most important parts of any PC build and can last multiple builds compared to your other components. 

On a great deal price at Newegg, you can save $35 at the checkout when you use code APRCS35 on a purchase of the Corsair RM850x (2021) power supply — making it only $89. This is quite the saving compared to its original $149 price tag. It’s been cheaper recently, but more along the lines of $125, so this is still a very good deal.

We’ve previously reviewed the Corsair RM850x, so check it out for a more detailed look at its performance and our thoughts on this PSU.

One of the great features of this power supply is the zero RPM fan mode. Using a magnetic levitation fan the PSU can run nearly silently at low and medium loads. The fan switches off entirely at low power usage, but once the PC kicks back into action the fan will activate again to make sure everything keeps nice and cool. We noted that at full power the RM850x ran at 47 degrees Celsius. 

This PSU is also completely modular, which means you only connect the cables your system needs (helping to reduce messy cable nests), and the wide range of included cables adds broad compatibility with most modern PC components.

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