Praise Where Praise Is Due… Jesse Watters Talks Mail-In Ballots and Democrat Voter Fraud on FOX News – The Most Important Issue Facing the Nation (VIDEO)

Jesse Watters ran a segment Friday on the dangers of mail-in ballots and the temptation for Democrats to commit voter fraud.

Watters warned that eight states already hold elections entirely with mail-in ballots.  The states include: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington and the District of Columbia. They all hold elections entirely by mail.

These policies are insane and allow for the opportunity of massive levels of voter fraud.

Much praise to Jesse Watters for covering this prominent issue that is famously ignored by FOX News.

Jesse Watters: There might not be lockdowns this time, but mail-in voting will still be a huge factor. Eight states are mailing ballots to every registered voter on the rolls, even if they didn’t ask for one. It’s a harvester’s dream! Ballots will be floating around the street, the floors, the garbage, the mailboxes. Wanda’s and Craig’s will be rummaging everywhere and intimidating you if you don’t hand it over.

The voter rolls are a mess, too. Johnny’s grandma and great grandma should not be getting ballots in the mail. Sadly, they died years ago in Michigan. A conservative group is suing the state, claiming there’s 26,000 dead people on the voter rolls. Michigan mailed every registered voter a ballot application. In 2020, that’s over 7 million people. The Secretary of State tried to get the case thrown out. A Biden judge denied her. We’ll keep you updated. But is Michigan going to be sending ballots to dead people? Meanwhile, Wanda, the stuffer still walking the streets in Bridgeport, and Craig, who, between stuffing ballots, moonlighting for the FBI, is out in Atlantic City…

…Primetime is going to keep covering voter fraud and sloppy elections until every real vote is counted and every stuffer is behind bars. If you have a tip, text us. Hashtag fraud. Mail-ins are here to stay. It’s written in the law. Democrats have embraced it. They’ll abuse it.

To win, Republicans need to fight fire with fire. Legally, of course. The only way to win is beating Democrats at their mail-in game. Once you’re in power, secure the elections. No more drop boxes, no more mass mailouts and cameras at every single vote counting station.

Good for Jesse Watters!

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