President Biden Signs Executive Order to Regulate AI

President Biden signed an Executive Order Monday morning that regulates various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) development and usage in the United States. This new order touches on a lot of areas like safety, privacy, fairness, and creativity in AI. It asks AI makers to share how they test the safety of their products, pushes for new laws to protect people’s private information, and aims to stop AI from being used in harmful ways. It also talks about supporting workers and encouraging new ideas and inventions in AI.

In a move for AI safety and security, the directive mandates that creators of AI services disclose their safety assessments and vital information to the federal government. This initiative, in alignment with the Defense Production Act, aims to preemptively address risks, ensuring that AI technologies are reliable, secure, and beneficial before their public release. It also involves the creation of rigorous standards and tools by institutions such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), to fortify the integrity and reliability of AI systems.

The Executive Order underscores the importance of privacy, urging the advancement of technologies and methodologies that prioritize data protection. It calls upon Congress to enact bipartisan legislation focusing on data privacy, particularly emphasizing the protection of vulnerable populations such as children. This section also encourages the development and application of cryptographic tools and other privacy-enhancing technologies to safeguard individual data.

A significant portion of the directive is dedicated to promoting equity and civil rights, aiming to prevent discriminatory practices fueled by AI. It provides explicit guidelines to prevent algorithmic discrimination in various sectors such as housing and criminal justice. The order attempts to foster fairness and equity by directing actions against biases, injustices, and other forms of discrimination perpetuated by AI technologies.

Biden’s new order also encourages new ideas and competition in AI. The order facilitates the involvement of highly skilled international talents in the U.S. AI sector and encourages the proliferation of AI research and startups. It also emphasizes the importance of collaboration, encouraging partnerships with a diverse array of countries, in order to foster a global environment conducive to the responsible growth and application of AI technologies.

The government’s role in AI application is also outlined in the executive order, promoting responsible and efficient utilization of AI in various federal agencies. The directive encourages the swift recruitment of AI professionals and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptation among government employees. It aims to modernize and enhance the government’s approach to AI, ensuring that it is used effectively, ethically, and responsibly in public services.

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