President Trump Takes the Stage to Thunderous Applause in Concord, New Hampshire: “We’re Going to Bring America Together Through Unprecedented Success” (VIDEO)

President Trump on Friday night spoke to a lively crowd in Concord, New Hampshire, ahead of the January 23rd primary.

According to a new Boston Globe/Suffolk University/NBC 10 poll of likely voters in New Hampshire released on Wednesday, Trump has the lead with 50 percent support, Nikki Haley is at 34 percent and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is at 5 percent.

Fresh off of a huge victory in Iowa, Trump inspired New Hampshire voters and said that our country is on its way to success.

Trump took the stage to thunderous applause.


“We are going to bring America together through unprecedented success. That’s what happens; success will bring our country together. Because our country is a mess right now,” Trump said.


President Trump also had a great sense of humor during Friday night’s rally.

“When I fly over a blue state, two days later I get a subpoena,” Trump humorously said.


Trump also said that if the left had not stolen the election he would be almost done with his presidential term.

“If they would’ve played straight just think of it, I’d now be getting ready to leave government. And now they’ve got me for four more years!” Trump continued.


Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina took the stage and endorsed Trump.


Trump 2024!

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