Principalities of Evil: Bishop Strickland Says ‘Forces’ Influence Globalist Pope Francis Into Making His Decisions

Francis not totally to blame, Bishop Stricland says.

In news that shook the Catholic world, Globalist Pope Francis decided to resort to the exceptional move of personally removing Conservative Bishop Strickland from his position in the Tyler, Texas Diocese.

Strickland was not – mind you – involved in any brewing sex scandal as so many in the Vatican ranks, including people close to Francis.

Strickland’s only ‘transgression’ was being a ‘hardliner’. On the Jesus line, something that does not seem very appreciated in Francis’ orbit.

Strickland wisely does not blame his removal on Pope Francis, because ‘there are many forces working at him and influencing him to make these kinds of decisions‘.

‘What forces?’, one may ask. We better let the Bishop explain this one.

In an interview with Life Site, the Bishop addressed his removal from Tyler, Texas Diocese, and the situation in the Church today.

“The only answer I have to that is because forces in the Church right now don’t want the truth of the gospel. They want it changed. They want it ignored. They want to be rid of the truth that is gloriously not going to go away. The truth that is Jesus Christ, His mystical body, which is the Church, all the wonders that the martyrs died for and the saints lived for through almost 2000 years since Christ died and rose.”

So far, the Vatican has not provided an official explanation for Strickland’s removal.

There are many forces working at [Francis] and influencing him to make these kinds of decisions. That’s why we pray for the pope, for him as a son of God and for his role as the supreme pontiff. But we have to acknowledge there are tremendous and powerful forces at work in the world. Saint Paul reminds us that we’re not fighting against human beings, flesh and blood; we’re fighting the powers and principalities of evil.  And evil doesn’t want the truth of Jesus Christ.”

So, there you go: ‘Principalities of Evil’. Yes.

“There are people in the Church, rather than glorying in the truth of Christ, they want to delete significant portions of Sacred Scripture and say, ‘Oh, we got that wrong,’ or ‘we’re just going to ignore it.’ The saints, through 2000 years, didn’t get it wrong.”

[…] [Jesus Christ] is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and those who want to change that – for a day, in terms of human history – we have to live through this day, but it’s a moment that will pass, and the truth will prevail.”

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