Printing with Glass Fiber Filament

[ModBot] has been trying different engineering plastics for 3D printing. He recently looked at carbon fiber mixed with PET, but this time, he shows us his results with PET with glass fiber, or PET-GF. You can see how it all turned out in the video below.

The first part of the video compares the specifications, and, as you might expect, some factors are better for carbon fiber, and others are better for glass fibers. Once he gets to the printing, he covers the high temperatures needed (280-320C). He also talks about how either fiber will chew up nozzles and extruders.

If you haven’t printed at high temperatures before, there are a few gotchas. For one thing, even if you don’t have PTFE in your hot end, you must be sure your thermistor will read the higher temperature accurately. Many people use thermocouples instead of thermistors in this application.

The prints looked good, although we hoped to see more testing of the parts under stress. Comparing them with the carbon fiber prints would have been especially interesting. Need help boosting your print temperature? We look at exotic filament every so often, and every time we do, there are a few more choices.

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