Pro-Hamas Thug In New York Rips Down American Flag and Replaces With Palestinian Flag (VIDEO)

A pro-Hamas thug in New York City late Friday into Saturday was seen climbing up a sign to take down American flags and replace them with a Palestinian one. This is happening on American soil and should never be tolerated. Our Nation is treading in very dangerous waters right now.

The message these Hamas terrorist sympathizers are giving the U.S. is they think they own us. It’s time to put them in their place, take a stand and say no more.


Our corrupt government has been targeting our own Patriots who support President Trump. They have been harassed, locked up, and terrorized by the Biden regime thugs that run the Federal government.

When it comes to violent Hamas supporters who are trying to take over our nation, the government sits back and lets them do whatever they want. America needs a serious wake-up call.

Local governments at the State and Municipal levels need to start taking back their communities. Most of these problems are happening in the Blue States.

Earlier today The Gateway Pundit reported on Grand Central Station‘s attack by pro-Hamas thugs which happened on Friday night.

Violent pro-Palestinian supporters protested outside Grand Central Station in New York on Friday night. The violent mob attempted to kick down doors to get in. On the other side of the doors were police officers taking shelter from this violent mob.


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