Radical Democrat Justin Jones Who Shut Down TN Assembly Last Week with Bullhorn, Was Arrested 14 Times and Led Protest Mobs the Day Rioters Burned Down the Historic Nashville Courthouse (VIDEO)

Rep. Justin Jones – screen grab

Last week following a mass shooting by a deranged trans man in Nashville, hundreds of young leftist protesters showed up at the Tennessee Assembly and demanded gun control legislation.  The transgender terrorist killed 6 Christians, including 3 children, at a private Christian school in Nashville.

During the mass protests inside the Tennessee Assembly three Democrats grabbed a bullhorn and led the protests from the Assembly floor.  The radical Democrats shut down the legislature for an hour during their protests.

The insurrectionists screamed, “No action, no peace!”

The Tennessee State Legislature voted last Thursday to expel the radical Democrats.  Justin Jones  and Justin Pearson were removed from the legislative body for leading the insurrection on March 30 inside the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.

The Nashville City Council later voted this week to reinstate expelled Democrat legislator Justin Jones. He’s back in the assembly now.

Before Justin Jones was famous for shutting down the state assembly with a bullhorn he was leading violent Black Lives Matter protests in Tennessee.

Jones has been arrested over 14 times during leftist rioting and protests.

Justin Jones was in Washington DC attempting to shut down President Trump’s GOP nomination speech and running the streets with violent protesters.

Justin Jones was out protesting to defund the police in 2020.

And Justin Jones urged city officials in Nashville on May 30, 2020 to defund the police. Rep. Justin Jones also revved up the rioters telling them, “America is on fire… We need action!…”

Rep. Justin Jones: “I said, no justice, no peace. No racist. no peace. They say change comes about two ways. Either they see the light or they feel the fire. The white power structure of America has not seen the light. And that’s why America is on fire.

And the protesters then went and burned down the historic courthouse in Nashville after his speech.

Via Robby Starbuck.

Here is the full video from Justin Jones’s Twitter page calling for violence on May 30, 2020.

After Rep. Jones was finished talking the violent leftist mob proceeded to set fire to the historic old courthouse in Nashville that day.

Angry leftist Wesley Somers setting fire to the courthouse.

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