Radical Lawless Judge Merchan Seated Juror Who Was Arrested for Destroying/Vandalizing Conservative Political Signs

Radical Trump-hating NY Judge Juan Merchan

The search for impartial jurors continued on Thursday in the New York City lawfare case of President Donald Trump in the courtroom of conflicted far-left Judge Juan Merchan. A fresh pool of 96 Manhattan residents entered the courtroom earlier today. A significant number of these potential jurors, 48 in total, were immediately excused after admitting to biases against the former president. An additional nine were dismissed for undisclosed reasons.

FOX News reported today that Trump-hating Judge Juan Merchan seated a juror who was arrested in the 90’s for destroying/vandalizing conservative political posters.

FOX News reporter: This has to do with something that very well could have been the fact that this juror may have been arrested back in the 1990s conducting some sort of political vandalism in some sort of posters on the right and it was not revealed. He did not remember it and did not include it.

This is a RIGGED trial – with no crimes.

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